Losoul feat. Fadila - Time Passes EP

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  • After a frustratingly consistent album, Losoul returns to the singles arena with a rare step outside of Playhouse to the French environs of Freak n' Chic. The results are decidedly more ebullient, with "Time Passes" exhibiting an intensity in the bubbling lead and kick that was often lacking on Care. The vocalist, Fadila, is one of the major reasons for this: A living, breathing human offers up an immediate sense of forward momentum that's more than helped along by the percolating bits and pieces that eventually writhe away underneath the deep, halting bassline. Off-kilter in the best way possible, Dyed Soundorom combs its hair, puts a tie on it and scrubs behind its ears. He also ups the tempo a bit and gives it a bounce that wasn't there before, focusing his attention on the groove that Losoul tensed and teased in his original. What style of DJing, of course, will determine which mix is for you, but I tend to find the original far more pleasing for home listening—figuring out all of the little things going on is a treat. If you're looking for which one to dance to while the sand runs through your toes, though, I'd break out Dyed.
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      A Losoul feat. Fadila - Time Passes B Losoul feat. Fadila - Time Passes (Dyed Soundorom's Code Quantum Remix)