Carl Craig and Moritz Von Oswald - Recomposed Francois Kevorkian / Moritz Von Oswald Mixes

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  • Over a year since its initial release, "ReComposed" gets another remix package to accompany the landmark album. Arriving in 10-inch form and with excellent artwork, you get the impression from the off that you are in for a treat. "Berlin meets NY" sees Moritz team up with Francois Kevorkian for an expertly crafted remix. Opening with fluttering horns, the track soon fades to silence. A crisp hi-hat and clap pattern signals the start of the beat, with echoed percussion and warm synth pads arriving in timely fashion. Once the kick comes into play, timbral percussion soon follows. The horns that were hinted at in the beginning are faded back in to bring the piece to a pinnacle. If this track were anything to go by, Moritz and Francois would be wise to collaborate more often. Mortiz returns on the B side to remix his and Craig's "Development." It's a slow-paced ambient affair that sounds a bit like the work that he does with Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer. A hefty sub-bass line opens, with a shaker soon accompanying it. Percussion comes in from the distance and subtle orchestral hints are littered throughout. Beautiful and haunting in its refrain, this track will stay with you long after the needle is lifted off the wax.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Recomposed By Berlin Meets NY (Francois Kevorkian & Moritz Von Oswald remix) B1 Recomposed By Development Mix (Moritz Von Oswald remix)