Enliven dOP Acoustics - The Dust

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  • Here's something we could use more of: Two groups getting together and, instead of simply remixing one another, collaborating in the studio to create tracks and then remixing them to their liking. As a result, you get the sense that each has contributed something, and you can't accuse anyone of compromising their vision. The results? Predictably fascinating. But that's what you often get when dOP and Enliven Deep Acoustics are involved singly, let alone in tandem. dOP turn up first with their remix of "The Dust," which sees them in usual form, crafting a low-key groove that simmers with bits of live percussion and horns in the mix, while Jonathan Illel croons over top. It's trackier than much of the trio's output, with long stretches where Illel is nowhere to be found, but Clement Zemstov and Damien Vandesande ride this smoky beat expertly, making it feel three minutes shorter than it is. David Kohlmann and Marcus Rein, AKA Enliven Deep Acoustics, aim even more straight ahead with their mix of "The Dust," but not without using a sample of Illel that will either ruin or make the track, depending on who you ask. I lean toward the former, but once he disappears, things settle further into the pocket that the duo sets out with warm keys and a tumbling tech house beat with acoustic touches. That said, Enliven Deep Acoustics might've done well to take a listen from dOP, and use Illel a tad more sparingly here.
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      A dOP - The Dust (dOP Mix) B Enliven Deep Acoustics - The Dust (Enliven Deep Acoustics Mix)