Hydronaut / Aquarhythms - Deep In The Feeling / Warm Seqs

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  • "Deep...deep...deep..." A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away—the mid-'90s, before those pesky German deep house producers with no right to be using certain words or certain samples because of their heritage—there was Morgan Geist remixing Jay Ahern and using the word "deep" as a major compositional tool. Kinda puts things into perspective, huh? Maybe not. Whatever your take, the results are clear: Young Geist's re-versioning of Ahern's "Deep in the Feeling" uses the word only in moments of silence, in between the acid line, jacking techno beat, scads of clapping percussion and some melancholic chords that put pretty much anything that's been released in 2009 to shame in terms of working the floor and remaining remarkably distinct at the same time. Seriously, you know you have a good record when Carl Craig is stuck on the B-side. Speaking of which, Carl Craig is stuck on the B-side remixing Ahern under a different alias—Aquarhythms—and the track "Warm Seqs." It's yet another mid-'90s track—this re-release comes on Cheap and Deep, Ahern's new solo outlet—and sees Craig in less self-consciously epic form, crafting a tune that, with its vocals cut, might not have sounded all that out of place on More Songs About Food… There's an otherworldly vibe to this mix, one that you don't hear so much these days. Perhaps it's the sound of someone at the edge of their talent, trying something that didn't feel like formula quite yet. Or perhaps it's just one of the most welcome reissues of the year.
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      A Hydronaut - Deep In The Feeling (Morgan Geist Re-Version) B Aquarhythms - Warm Seqs (Carl Craig Experience Mix)