Four Tet - Love Cry Remixes

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  • And just like that we're back with Kieran Hebden, this limited remix 12-inch coming hot on the heels of the original. Joy Orbison—dubstep's man of the moment—continues his upward trajectory with his lovely 130 BPM take on the infectious techno track that once again cuts up the human voice into the melodic—and sometimes rhythmic—heart of the tune. "Cry" gets a rinse, so does bits of "love," but it's the lovely synths that undergird and overlay and window dress that raise this to another level. Roska's brand of dubstep, meanwhile, has been more ritualized and his remix sounds less immediately arresting. Nonetheless, the producer's slow and leering take on Four Tet's source material works because of the usual bass magic. The lead line here is fluid before breaking out into the sort of thing that makes you approximate with one hand the relative height of your dad, then your mom and then your sister three times in quick succession while continuing to rotate your body in time to the beat. Both tracks here don't scream anthem, but they'll provide plenty of reasons to pull stupid dance moves like the aforementioned. And often enough that's what it's all about.
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      A Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) B Love Cry (Roska Remix)