Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant

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  • Electro, funk and outer space have a long history with one another, but Space Dimension Controller's "The Love Quadrant" may be among the first instances in which Dr. Dre's brand of funk has been sent into the stratosphere. It sounds like it was born to do it, though, in the hands of the young Controller, AKA 19 year-old Irish producer Jack Hamill. A squiggly melody runs through the second half of the track, contrasting with the delicate early Bochum Welt backing as a vocoded Hamill ask us where we want to go and assuring us that he'll take us there. Well then. "Electropo-250 Collision" has no such theatrics, instead relying on its pinprick beat and deep dueling bass melodies. It's a lovely throwback to the days when groups like Plod, Plone and Plaid seemed like the wimpiest and loveliest groups on Earth. Like those three acts, though, there's something more to the music than just a knack for a hook. It's a childlike glee that informs the music, as though sounds and songs are being discovered for the first time. For Hamill, that's most likely the case. To rediscover what that sounds like, you could do far worse than this striking little 12-inch.
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      A The Love Quadrant B Electropo-250 Collision