Various Artists - Winter / Childhood

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  • Winter may seem to be released a bit prematurely. But I guess we have to face those cold, dark days sooner or later—and on the plus side, it usually prompts the release of some comforting, warm, soulful music. Sven Tasnadi's "Winter" doesn't really provide that warmth here, however. It takes the title more literally: The percussion is stark, the pads are cold and the atmosphere quite frosty. That's not necessarily bad though, as the wee crystal chimes and the windy synths are crisp, and refreshing. One could be out in the hills, wrapped up warm, feeling a crunch of frost underfoot, seeing one's breath in the air as you listen to this. And it will probably work on the dance floor too, but almost certainly it will be an educated dance floor, and very late at night. Christopher Rau's B side "Childhood" plods along in a slow house groove, with the type of intoxicating pace that keeps you open—waiting on every detail. It does a good job of drawing you in; the melancholic tones are infectious. The short but sweet, call-and-response pads are like voices over the subtle hints of children playing. It doesn't really sound like a happy childhood; there is sadness in this record. But, from hard times come good and although Rau's "Childhood" will probably not be the club play off this release, it will be more likely to make an impact at home.
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      A Sven Tasnadi - Winter B Christopher Rau - Childhood