Four Tet - Love Cry

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  • Musical polymath Kieran Hebden has been able to keep a foot in a large variety of scenes over the years, seemingly as at ease sitting down with post rock heads as he is conversing in the improvisational jazz world. Electronically speaking, his productions as Four Tet have leaned toward the listening end of the spectrum for the most part, but his recent interest in club music foreshadowed a lovely collaboration with Burial earlier this year, as well as this 12-inch which sees his shuffling beat anchor in at around 116 BPM, and his stuttering female lead lend herself neatly to the dubstep community. (Remixes have already appeared from Roska and Joy Orbison, the latter of which is fantastic.) The original version, though, ambles at a downbeat pace toward its goal with plenty of Hebden's signature sonic peculiarities allowed into the mix. It's hard to say where these sounds come from, but they're half of what give the tune such a personality, and what will probably make it impossible to hear on many dance floors. That's a shame, as it's among the catchiest house hooks I've heard in a while. Far less dance floor-worthy, though, is the B-side, which is bells. Lots and lots of bells. Clearly the new dance floor-centric Four Tet has not been replaced by the old Four Tet quite yet.
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      A Love Cry B Our Bells