Aufgang - Channel 7 Remixes

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  • Agoria's Infine label continues to confound with Aufgang, an unlikely trio consisting of two Juilliard-trained pianists and a percussionist. Their forthcoming debut album is a fascinating mixture of styles, but the initial single, "Channel 7," is as close to radio as they can probably get—hence the radio edit here—but its energetic piano-led, furious prog-influenced pace seems likely to keep them off the airwaves on all but the most open-eared stations. That said, "Channel 7" is a joy, deftly mixing electronic touches, bombastic drumming and the prepared and non-prepared piano playing of Francesco Tristano and Rami Khalifé. Reference points include Jaga Jazzist, among others. The varied remixes of the tune, meanwhile, are why digital releases were invented. There's something for everyone: John Talabot's stiff house take stands out, pounding away on an almost carnival-esque loop and lovely vocal swells. It's a style that is resolutely loop-y, but works due to Talabot's confident arrangement which dips and sways in all the right places. Sutekh sounds as though he's recently filtered his mathematical IDM through the prism of wonky hip-hop, in a writhing rework that eventually reveals a relaxed coda. Mexican Cubenx, meanwhile, focuses his sights on the emotional chords of the Aufgang original in a track rightfully dubbed the Farewell mix, and then goes harder and deeper on his 20th Floor mix, which grinds those same chords into what sounds like a guitar tone. Like everything else here, it's an acquired taste. But, then again, we're beginning to expect this from Infinéa label that is currently as versatile as any in the electronic music landscape.
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      1. Channel 7 (Radio Edit) 2. Channel 7 (233 channels) [Sutekh Remix] 3. Channel 7 (Farewell) [Cubenx Remix] 4. Channel 7 (You and me) [John Tallabot Remix] 5. Channel 7 (20th floor) [Cubenx Remix] 6. Channel 7