Neurotic Drum Band - Neurotic Erotic Adventure EP

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  • "Robotic Hypnotic Adventure" adds another smashing cut to the recent resurgence in piano house, a style that requires bold and steady hands, and not only those pounding out the chords. The piano is such an expressive instrument, the sound of its keys so immediately emotional, that using it effectively in a dance song requires a tightrope walk. You've got to trust your balance while remaining on guard against the gravitational pull of kitsch. Neurotic Drum Band pull this off by juxtaposing chunky, revved-up chords against an occasional waterfall of cascading treble, so that you've got a steady punch of rhythm spiced up with just the right dose of ivory glitz. Put 'em together with swirling filters and dashes of acid, basses that punch and dazzling claps, and you've got yourself a party mover. It's another successful step in Wurst's transition from an edits imprint of no small renown to a full-fledged label. "Robotic Hypnotic Adventure" flows and swaggers in such a human way, one wonders if all the hours the Wursters spent in the disco-edits lab have helped them in turn to craft such live-feeling house music, evident as well on the label's inaugural release, Brennan Green's aptly-titled "My First House." Flipside "Neurotic Erotic Adventure" takes the slow-burn route, offering up a druggy bricklayer groove which serves as a backdrop for some heavily goofy robot sex talk: two droids walk into a bar and case the place for potential conquests. "Hey baby, wanna interface?" It's humorous in a sketch-comedy way, and considering the context (electronic club music) it's not completely inappropriate for the tune to accompany a couple of 'bots on the prowl. The salacity of the Neurotic Drum Band is further underscored by their name, which is most likely a reference to the Erotic Drum Band, a '70s disco outfit responsible for tawdry cuts like "Touch Me Where It's Hot." Ultimately though, the dialogue here is little more than a cringe-worthy lark in well-worn territory—the tune doesn't hold a candle to its waxen companion, so stick with the A-side and watch it light up the floor.
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      A Robotic Hypnotic Adventure B Neurotic Erotic Adventure