Dixon - Temporary Secretary Edits

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  • I tend to agree with RA's review of Dixon's Temporary Secretary. The mix didn't quite reach the same ridiculous heights as previous efforts from one of the best deep house DJs around. My pet theory is that the Berlin-based jock spent a bit too much time on the pieces, i.e. let's make a mix that transcends the normal idea of the mix by stitching together special edits of tracks that no one has, and not enough time on the big picture, i.e. the mix as a whole. Those constituent parts, though? Pretty awesome. And most people seem to agree, as "due to public demand," Dixon has seen fit to release them on Innervisions only a few weeks after the mix. The best of the bunch may be the Ben Klock / Precious System mash-up, which sees Panorama Bar lugging Berghain upstairs for a dance that sways and glides famously. Klock pins down the exuberance of Precious System's bubbling melody, but it flashes through more than enough to remind you that this is most definitely deep house. Before that, Dixon edits Ewan Pearson's rerub of Junior Boys into a dazzling and dizzying bit of funk, with stars of melody that often come crashing down around you, and Henrik Schwarz's "Equinox" remix is given a typically transcendent sheen. For those who didn't love Temporary Secretary the way they thought they would, this is a lovely present. For those who did, this is just icing on the cake.
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      A1 Junior Boys - Hazel (Ewan Pearson Remix) (Dixon Edit) A2 Ben Klock / Precious System - In a While / The Voice from Planet Love (Dixon Edit) B1 Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Dixon Edit)