Micky Finn - The Takeover Bid II

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  • Micky Finn is definitely one of the major players in the drum & bass / jungle scene. Certainly no Johnny come lately, Finn has been a pioneer in the sound he dearly loves, demanding respect from the early 90’s where his sets were in sought after all over the UK. ‘Takeover Bid II’ is the follow up to the original ‘Takeover Bid’, which was released in 1998, and sold over 15,000 copies in the UK alone. ‘In & Out’ by Special K & Darren Jay is an early highlight of the mix, with a good use of sampled vocals and a funky baseline. While on the topic of baselines, Basic Unit’s ‘Dub Principles’ exerts a big garage like baseline without warning, a finer moment early in the mix. The upbeat and equally unusual drum patterns of ‘The Crow’ by Focus makes for a solid record while SKC’s ‘Lobotomy’ takes the mix to a electro state of mind. Sta & Paul B’s ‘Come Closer’ is damn right nasty with its dark driving synths. Drum & Bass Legend Roni Size gets a look in with his remix of JB & DJ Spice’s ‘Me, Myself & I’, a trademark Size vocal affair. The mix concludes with the S-Files mix of ‘The Lighter 2002’ by DJ SS in a rhapsody of drum and bass goodness. Overall, quite a good mix. Furious drum beats, big roaring baselines at times, it definitely has an appeal for the drum and bass aficionados. Plenty of variety and know how from one of the legends in Drum & Bass. 1. Finnism (intro) - Various Artists 2. In and out - Special K & Darren J 3. Back for more - Influx Datum 4. Minder - Aquasky 5. Dub principles - Basic Unit 6. Crow - Focus (2) 7. When the morning comes (Peshay remix) - Finn, Mickey & L Double 8. Twist (Ray Keith remix) - Special K (1) 9. Lobotomy - SKC 10. LK - DJ Marky & XRS Land 11. Deep in the underground (DJ Hazard remix) - Drunken Master 12. Come closer - Sta & Paul B 13. Clockwork - Mampi Swift 14. Mexican - Danny C 15. Me myself and I (Roni Size remix) - JB & Spice/The Dark Angel 16. Lighter 2002 (S Files VIP mix) - DJ SS