Mendo - Remember

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  • It's easy to become bitter when something you love changes. Consuming much of Cadenza's output during 2009 has at times felt like following a newly launched imprint. Michel Cleis & Salvatore Freda's Uva Fragolina set the tropical precedent at the beginning of the year, while the releases since have only served to wedge a divide between Cadenza's perfectly poised past and effervescent present. Record labels are of course expected to shed their skins, but has there been a more overt example of a shift in tact than that of Luciano's Cadenza imprint in recent years? In keeping with their adopted policy of pushing new or lesser known talent, Remember arrives courtesy of Spanish producer Mendo, who—after originally releasing A-side "Everybody I Got Him" on George Morel's Groove On imprint back in 2000—re-touches the cut for his Cadenza debut. While the label's prior gaze was focussed on microscopic detail first, dance floor clout second, "Everybody I Got Him" flips the principle emphatically on its head. Sporting a groove reminiscent of Minimal Man's "Make A Move," the track incessantly rubs a creeping filter up against a funk-fuelled two-beat refrain, making for one of the most instantly accessible, and moreover danceable tracks you're likely to encounter this year. B-side "1992," however, simply offers up an encapsulation of why the label has garnered such a plentiful volume of detractors recently. A crude horn sample unfurls itself over the early stages, joined at the mid-point by some grating shouts and whoops, in a sort of "salsa goes to Chicago" vein. At the risk of grossly oversimplifying the evaluation process, the track is just straight-up cheesy. Everybody I Got Him is undoubtedly among Cadenza 2.0's strongest cuts, albeit one that is weighted down by its unsavoury B-side.
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      A Everybody I Got Him (2009 Mix) B 1992 (Original Mix)