Moderat - Seamonkey

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  • If you thought all the best remixes for Moderat would be popping up on unofficial white label 12-inches, rest easy. Shackleton's may be hard to track down on vinyl these days, but you'll be able to buy the sterling Untold and Surgeon mixes from your local record shop quite easily. BPitch and the boys have enlisted the dubstep and techno talents, and they've delivered two belters. Untold's is a blistering non-stop rush of a remake. The track's moaning bassline/melody is the hook, and that old-school rave feeling is present throughout—especially in the hiccupping bit that hits right before the one on almost every measure. Untold takes the lovely synthetics of Moderat and turns that smile upside down, but Surgeon's mix may be even darker. There's no hope of deliverance in its six minutes and change, as it's composed of drumming that sounds as if its done exclusively with wrenches on metal bars. Surgeon builds a melody out of it, but it's eventually subsumed by the dark cloud of drone that hangs over everything. Brutal and brilliant.
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      A Seamonkey (Untold Remix) B Seamonkey (Surgeon Remix)