Cheap and Deep Productions - Words Breaths & Pauses

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  • Stripping things back and dusting off reliable gear has led to monster hits this year: Just take a listen to the new Wax 20002, almost anything Levon Vincent has put this name to or the host of releases on the always impressive Ostgut Ton. Jay Ahern, one-half of techno duo Hauntologists, obviously takes inspiration from the aforementioned, and his new foray into production under the guise of Cheap and Deep Productions reveals an artist that transforms his influences into something new. Title track "Words, Breaths and Pauses" is a stunning production geared for the darkest of warehouses and the biggest of dance floors. Simple repetitions of the punchy synth lines layered over the chugging percussion let time and space melt away, and the creepily soothing vocals by Uta Alder punctuate the hypnotic vibe of the eleven minute track. Easily one to play from start to finish, it's a complete monster in all the right places, but doesn't rely on flashy production to get the job done. Flipside burner "Tight" picks up where the A-side left off, with plucked synths marrying nicely to staccato toms, until the composition lets loose and reveals itself to be a jacking techno masterpiece. Lastly, "Darkroom Beats" brings closure to the simple yet effective trio. It's a largely loop-based track that shows hints of what Ahern brings to the Hauntologists' production style, and underscores the feeling here that comparatively laid-back production is currently just as relevant as its more ostentatious competition in the world of techno.
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      A1 Words, Breaths And Pauses (TR-808 Doom Disco Dub) B1 Tight B2 Darkroom Beats
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