Rhauder - No News

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  • On their ninth release, Berlin-based label Ornaments continues its outstanding run of unearthing lesser-known but quality talent. The latest release sees Rhauder join the ranks of Mod.Civil, Peak and Thabo—artists that have all released either their debut or second single on the label. Rhauder, however, has a secret weapon up his sleeve, enlisting the mythical Paul St. Hilaire, AKA Tikiman, for vocal duties. "No News" opens up like a remake of Maurizio's "M5" in a post-minimal style and, once Paul St. Hilaire's vocal kicks in, comparisons with Rhythm and Sound can't easily be avoided either. Rhauder's patient introduction of playful melodies low in the mix and his restless EQing, though, ensure that the sound is unique. St. Hilaire's vocals work beautifully against the subtle dynamism fuelling the rhythmic structures. Initially the vocals are sung more staccato to emphasize the rigid, straight line style of the minimal beats, but they soon grow into a delirious ragga chant that adds momentum to the offbeat to accelerate the track forward. Marko Fürstenberg and Daniel Stefanik's remixes are both excellent, but offer no real surprises. Fürstenberg perches more on the dub side of the original, filling out the source material into a more rotund and somehow darker mix with a great sense of dance floor drive. Stefanik, on the other hand, edges for a shorter, minimal interpretation, that is light and jittery at times, but lets in plenty of light to emphasise the vocals and melodic flutters.
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      A No News feat. Paul St. Hilaire B1 No News (Marko Fürstenberg Remix) B2 No News (Daniel Stefanik Remix)