A Work In Progress - Untitled EP

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  • While it may be fanciful to suggest that recent resurfacings of house music's old-guard is a retort to the genre's current ubiquity, releases from the likes of Chez Damier do at least remind of its archetypal potential. Surfacing here on Andy Vaz's currently crucial Yore Records, the veteran Chicago producer arrives ready to flaunt the many feathers in his cap, making for a gratifying, yet at times disjointed, listening experience. Both sides of the Untitled EP trace a similar expand/contract line, as though Damier's intention was a sleight of hand; he beguiles you into a groove, before scuppering the deal with a different direction. "A Moment Of Truth" tolls with an ominous bass and synth exchange, leading into clear rounds of conga-led percussion, circa 2009. A tightly coiled bass slap throws a fresh and funkier slant on things, before waves of cheerful Rhodes once again pull the rug from under your feet. It’s a trick recast on B-side "Let Me Do Yore." Although a more leisurely pace is established, a cleverly gated stab, and purposeful square bass catch the wave of a menacing groove. A cannon spat synth is shot across the frequency range while a beautifully pinched snare provides a perfect counterbalance for the parts around it. Once again though, the floodgates of melody open and the track becomes awash with synthesis, diluting the energy but not the ear candy. Untitled could almost be considered as four fine tracks. It just so happens they come all wrapped-up in two.
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      I1 Moment Of Truth II1 Let Me Do Yore