The Royal We - Party Guilt

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  • The vapid partygoer is a tale as old as time. But rarely has it been told from the point of view of the DJ. Here, Seth Troxler takes up the challenge, offering up his strike against the females in the audience who take, and never give back. Those females that repeat themselves over and over again.Those females that won't talk to him about quantum physics. (To be fair, Troxler has earned a bit of misogyny after his tribute to all of the beautiful women in his life, "Aphrika.") It's inside baseball at its finest, because the backing track—created with the help of Shaun Reeves and Hector—is so infectious. A fluttering funky bassline, liquid soul samples and enough room for Troxler's vocals to breathe does wonders. On the flip, Matt Styles and Dinky turn up with Tamara Deike in tow. Deike offers up the woman's rebuttal to Troxler's one-sided vocal. And, as you might expect, she doesn't have time for the pretension, the condescension or the shoes, whether it be over Styles' lush deep house-inspired backing or Dinky's disjointed arp-a-pella. All of this is stuff is ripe for the afterhours, of course, but Dinky's take is deliciously experimental, ready for a slamming beat. That said, the most original thing you could probably do as a DJ—and something that Troxler and Deike both explicitly and implicity pine for in their monologues—is playing it all by itself.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Party Guilt A2 Party Guilt (Accapella) B1 Party Guilt (Matt Styles remix) B2 Party Guilt (Dinky's Arp-a-pella)