Martinez / Seuil / Matthias Tanzmann - Moon Harbour Joints Vol. 1

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  • Moon Harbour's predilection for deep, tracky house falls nicely in line with the prevailing sound of the dance floor these days. And, as such, their output of late has focused narrowly on mercilessly caning the style. Luckily, Matthias Tanzmann's A&R is second-to-none, making each dance floor-ready tune often just as delectable for home listeners as it is for keeping punters locked into the groove. "Ohh I Don't Know" is a perfect example: A co-production between Tanzmann and Martinez, the tune is relentless in its aim, but avoids monotony via well-placed additions to the groove. A "yeh" here, a serrated organ there, a confused gaggle of voices everywhere: It's all that "Ohh I Don't Know" needs to vault from MOR house to personality-laden banger. Seuil and Tanzmann team up on the flip for "My 808 Gently Weeps." Its appeal lies in how—despite its lock-step house beat—it feels loose. But even as it rolls on its merry way, the drum programming starts to lose its luster, and the repeated vocal yelp doesn't offer much help. There's no reason to blame the duo for trying to take as much as possible from the 808, but you also can't credit them for much creativity either. Well-produced and impeccably arranged, it's nonetheless an average effort from two normally reliable talents.
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      A1 Martinez & Matthias Tanzmann - Ohh I Don't Know B1 Seuil & Matthias Tanzmann - My 808 Gently Weeps