Seuil - Freak and Violence

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  • Ever since his 2006 debut, Seuil, AKA Alexis Bernard, has rarely had a few months go by without a release to his name. Discogs counts his 2008 output at six 12-inches, and 2009 has seen appearances on at least five as well. His latest, Freak & Violence, may be his most distinctive. The title track earns the nod via the entertainment exec talking about violence in movies and television, the American Dream and the United Colors of Benetton. A seriously heavy bassline floats in and out, picking things up and dropping them down expertly, while a minimal beat offers the tiny amount of propulsion that "Freak & Violence" requires for a groove. Deep, dark and disorienting, it's the perfect afterhours tune. "Lost in the Soul Shower" operates in the same arena, but doesn't have the same creepiness. Here, Seuil's drum programming takes center stage. There were no traces of complexity on his latest joint release on Moon Harbour, but Bernard's busy snares and warped bells indicate that Freak n' Chic is a place where he can stretch out comfortably into something a little bit less dance floor-centric. In the process, he's created something that far more people may actually remember in the morning.
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      A Freak & Violence B Lost in the Soul Shower