Newworldaquarium - The Force (Remixes)

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  • When I first saw the tracklisting for the latest release on Jochem Peteri's label, I felt uneasy. The Dutch producer, one of the greatest talents in modern electronic music and the creator of a perfect house record—"Trespassers"—had commissioned Âme to remix "The Force." No disrespect intended, but while Âme have put out a number of decent house records and one anthem, "Rej," they are hardly of a sufficient calibre to rework Newworldaquarium. Or so I thought. The German duo's first take on the track is an epic ambient affair that sees them add layer upon layer of atmospheric chords. After a while, a niggling riff that sounds like a guitar insinuates itself into the arrangement, followed by chiming bells and a repetitive vocal sample. To describe the arrangement in these terms is to do it an injustice, though, as the overall sound is spellbindingly melodic and deeply seductive. Not much changes on the second version, except that Âme bring the vocal sample to the fore, add a gorgeous disco filter and lithe back beats to lend it some dance floor clout, but the end result attains the kind of wide-eyed, wondrous sensuality of "Trespassers." In other words: Âme 9, Brophy's prejudices 0.
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      A Newworldaquarium - The Force (Âme Remix) AA Newworldaquarium - The Force (Âme Alternative Mix)