Orlando Voorn - Power of Beauty

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  • While it's fair to say that he faces stiff competition in his native Holland—home to Legowelt, I-F, Rachmad, Delsin and Rush Hour—Orlando Voorn is clearly among one of Europe's most overlooked producers. Covering bases as diverse as stomping techno to soulful NY-themed garage, with room in between to craft classics like "Fix," Voorn has been quietly putting out killer dance music for the best part of decades without any hype. "Beauty," the first release on Divine, finds Voorn in mellow, soulful form. The title track is a languid dubby affair, propelled by a warm, warbling bass that recalls classic Derrick May tracks like "Icon." "Love Break," available in three excellent versions, also looks back in time, to mid '90s US house, as Blake Baxter's velvety vocal tones—and as always, Baxter is a talker, rather than a singer—are combined with heavy drums, subtle disco filters while replicating that distinctively dreamy production sound at which Prescription used to excel. Given the tone of the release, the inclusion of "Beat It Up" is a surprise. Set to a stripped back jack track highly reminiscent of a rap hit you'll no doubt recognize, an unidentified man whispers the kind of pre-carnal sentiments to vocalist Shorty One that would make a porn star blush. Her response? "Please come hurt me daddy/ Baby girl is oh so ready/ To be used and abused/ Now beat my pussy up until it's bruised," to the sound of pre-orgasmic female moans. Like I said: Voorn’s music is nothing if not diverse.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Power Of Beauty (Tribute To Mix) A2 Love Break (Chopped) B1 Love Break feat. Blake Baxter (Original) B2 Love Break (Afterlife Dub) B3 Beat It Up