Unknown - Idle Hands 001

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  • Idle Hands, a new label born out of the same Bristol record shop space as Punch Drunk Records, begins its story with this first vinyl release, a two-tracker by an unnamed producer. Further clouding the soup, the tunes are simply named "A" and "B." Both productions lie on the minimal side, sharing rich, thick basslines with percussion that tumbles through variant measures of delay. "A" assumes the lead role on the release, becoming positively buoyant as the sine wave bass scythes into action. Adding the kind of maddening synth lines that either bubble constantly or swipe at predetermined intervals invites comparisons to Pinch or Appleblim, but it's the mechanic layers of repetition that scrawl the much-needed depth behind the stripped back lines of melody and make it such an insistent listen. "B" scuppers the linear streamlined arc of "A"'s riffs instantly, hitting out with a cropped guitar sample on every note. Eventually the guitar line dissipates, diluting itself through bass pulses as glassy samba-flecked percussion peppers the mix before a precise kick thump takes the guitar's place, trading off the switch with hyper-delayed horn stabs.
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      A A B B