Mark Henning - The Right Time

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  • Mark Henning's work thus far has left me a little bit cold. There have been a few moments of bliss, but the majority of it has suffered from his obvious production talent. There's no doubt in my mind that Henning has come to terms with his gear, and can get it to do just about anything he wants. It's just that in getting there, it seems like something often gets lost along the way. There's no such trade-off with "The Right Time," however, whose dreamy synth wash and assured house bump give off enough off a raw quality to make you sit up and take notice. (And that's before a warbling sampled voice comes in to offer up some reasoning as to why exactly this is "the right time.") It makes for a great dub, and good fodder for Shenoda (who abstracts things and adds horns) and Chris Simmonds (who distorts things deliciously and adds a smooth organ line). Henning's two "Breakfast Club" mixes hit a similar spot as the title track. With a rolling melody and crystal-clear patterns, production and songwriting have come together here for one of Henning's most accessible offerings yet. Seemingly less focused on dance floor utility than usual, but never sacrificing it either, The Right Time hits both pleasure centers perfectly.
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      01. Mark Henning - Breakfast Club (Raw Edit) 02. Mark Henning - Breakfast Club (Trippy Edit) 03. Mark Henning - The Right Time (Chris Simmonds Remix) 04. Mark Henning - The Right Time (Dub) 05. Mark Henning - The Right Time (Original Mix) 06. Mark Henning - The Right Time (Shenodas On The Couch Remix)