DJ Stingray 313 vs. Alex Cortex - Soliton / Null Physics

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  • In what must be the most inspired pairings in techno since Regis hooked with Ruskin, Austrian label Pomelo has pitted German dance floor experimentalist Alex Cortex up with the mysterious, Drexciya-afiliated Sherard Ingram, AKA DJ Stingray. The premise is simple: Get both producers to remix one another's tracks and release the results, but the outcome is unpredictable. In its original form, Stingray's "Null Physics" is a slamming peak-time techno track, its monstrous surging chords underpinned by an evil bass and surrounded by a cloud of crackling electronic noise. Cortex' approach is more muted; while it contains the kind of busy, splintered breaks that some of his work is known for, in this instance, the arrangement hinges on a dubby, ominous rhythm. On the flip, the German producer tries to outdo "Physics," with Cortex dropping a rolling rhythm that leads to epic chord builds and the kind of jarring, noisy riffs that would put Autechre to shame. Stingray uses similar tactics on his remix, with claustrophobically dense beats and a series of builds that simulate the nauseating feeling that kicks in when a plane hits pockets of turbulence. As finales go, it doesn't get more sickeningly brilliant than this.
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      A1 Alex Cortex - Soliton A2 Alex Cortex - Soliton (DJ Stingray Remix) AA1 DJ Stingray 313 - Null Physics AA2 DJ Stingray 313 - Null Physics (Alex Cortex Remix)