Ramadanman & Appleblim - Justify

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  • For all of the talk of a dubstep-techno convergence, there are very few dubstep DJs that actually put much four-to-the-floor material into their own sets. It's not surprising that a straight beat might not be of much interest to breakbeat believers. One of the few who has found room in their crates for the stuff is Appleblim, who teams up here on his own Applepips imprint with fellow dubstep producer Ramadanman to craft an effortless bit of bass pressure. "Justify" isn't among the duo's best work by any means, but it's still a distinctive track that does its job with more flair than your average 140 BPM roller. The rotating melody that barges into the proceedings halfway through makes sure of that much. And the duo's innate sense of songcraft is obvious from the off. Appleblim's love affair with the straighter stuff gets an airing on the B, as Will Saul and Mike Monday team up for a remix of the title track. Perhaps the most interesting stuff is placed up front: The duo effectively meander a bit, working out a way to blast through the murk with the indelible melody that Appleblim and Ramadanman have given them. Once they do, things get sorted quickly and the two ride the hook through to track's end with some light offbeats to keep things interesting. Simultaneously functional and fascinating, it's among the best work thus far in the nascent genre—and a perfect track to help further bridge the gap in adventurous DJ sets.
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      A Justify B Justify (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix)