Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Soon

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  • While the prospect of new material from Patrick Cowley is the main draw of Macro's Catholic project, the group belonged just as much to Jorge Socarras, whose voice is an unmistakable product of the new wave/post-punk environment that they were recorded in. Fans expecting a bit of Cowley disco-y weirdness, then, will only be half-fulfilled: "Soon" is a stomping number that Socarras looms over with Cowley providing the steady backing that often moves quickly upward or downward at the end of a line. Regardless of its context, it's simply engrossing new wave with a haunting lead singer. On the flip, "Robot Children" is their pop side, a buzzing catchy tune in which Socarras wails, mewls and moans. The way that he delivers the line "You like to think that us is just the same as thhaaaaaaaeeeeeeem" is thrilling or infuriating, depending on where you're sitting. Both Morgan Geist and KiNK take on "Soon" for their remixes. Both are backward producers that mine the past mercilessly with usually fantastic results. Geist's rework, however, is relatively uninspiring. He's usually among the most reliable of artists, but here the results sound forced—a deep space between the beats and long, drawn out chords are the main elements of interest, rendering it a little bit like what you might expect Baby Oliver would come up with. It's leaden, though, and a slog, unlike the brash, wild refix done by KiNK, who comes correct with an avant-garde dubstep-inflected track that sounds at home on Macro, does justice to Cowley and Socarras (despite having little relation to either) and stands on its own as a remarkable little tune.
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      A1 Soon A2 Soon (Morgan Geist Remix) B1 Soon (KiNK Remix) B2 Robot Children