Radio Slave - No Sleep Part 6 Remixes

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  • Radio Slave's No Sleep series has always been met with high acclaim with the attendant remix packages including a veritable who's who in dance music. This release is no exception. The first track sees Karizma, AKA Kris Klayton, let loose on "Koma Koma." The original Koma beat is distorted and bounced about until white noise hats come in to set the pace. A gritty piano, in true house riff form, loops its way endlessly around the track, adding flavor to the relentless Radio Slave style. Percussion and a squeaky synth work their way into the mix and chants echo back and forth. The use of the piano here, though, makes this remix a clear candidate for the more house-oriented. Klayton returns in his K2 alias for the second track, a refix of "Sundazed." Again, a certain house flavor is used to bring this together, with a Rhodes taking care of the keys this time. Deeper than the rest on this EP, and easier on the ears too. Steve Lawler is next. Played by the likes of Luciano and Villalobos, this remix of "Koma Koma" has been a big hit among top-flight DJs. Opening with percussion that is filtered to the teeth, we wait patiently for the all-important bassline. With a two-minute long break, this one was built specifically for the clubs. Finally, Affkt & Danny Fiddo of Barraca Music give us their version of "Koma." Per usual, it's a percussive workout that includes some all too familiar snare rolls, but fortunately they work very well in this situation. A good track in its own right, but undoubtedly overshadowed by a massive effort from Lawler.
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      01. Koma Koma (Karizma Kaytronic Remix) 02. Sundazed (Karizma Beat Bangah Remix) 03. Koma Koma (Steve Lawler Remix) 04. Koma Koma (Affkt & Fiddo Remix)