Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo

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  • There's already a deserved hype around Joy Orbison, thanks in no small part to Blackdown's Pitchfork feature that focused on the producer and the impact his track, "Hyph Mngo," is having on the heated dances London is currently playing host to. The track is centred around a phasing, shiny-edged synth organ that manages to uplift when it finally drops after an echo-soaked intro. Every time the two introductory notes ring out in a darkened room, it's impossible to stifle a smile or hide your excitement at the drop that awaits. Driven by simplistic drums shrouded wonderfully by a tambourine and hi-hat dance off, it's the sort of agonisingly simple riff that stays with you long after the energy and the rush of movement fades. This command of the subtle synth hook is something that Orbison carries over into "Wet Look," working delayed chord swatches into the fabric of his drum patterns. The drive of the drums is irresistible, and the erratic snare snaps keep you guessing which beat is best for a momentary freeze. Using the justified break of the middle section to further progress his melodies, Orbison eases slower swelling chords into the mix, oozing twinkling leads underneath.
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      A Hyph Mngo B Wet Look