Andre Lodemann - Vehemence Of Silence EP

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  • André Lodemann continues his rather remarkable 2009 run with his debut 12-inch for the nascent Room with a View label. Lodemann's trilogy of 12-inches dedicated to various record shops showcased the variety of sounds he has in his toolbox, whether it be deep house, techno or tech house. Here, the producer continues this trend, providing two tracks that have a throughline of drama, but are rather varied in their execution. The title track is a slow burner that utilizes long, drawn out bass notes, hard claps on the 1 and 3 and a shivering bit of percussion to add color to the whole thing. It's not a song so much as a mood piece, but one that fulfills its mission with enough personality to stand out as much more than a DJ tool. "Dark Edge," meanwhile, sees Lodemann sampling string swells and mixing them expertly with a lightly acidic keyboard line over the course of seven minutes. It's more straightforward, and less a heartstring tugger but it serves as a perfect track to take the night from warm-up to something far more energetic. The release comes with three extra versions of "Vehemence of Silence," the best of which is Motor City Drum Ensemble's rework. The Stuttgart producer somehow employs just as much drama as Lodemann, but twists into his trademark pumping house sound. (The bassline he drops here is particularly masterful.) While Atjazz gives things a slightly more Afro tinge, and Lodemann brings a more floor-friendly Brighter Day dub to the table.
  • Tracklist
      01. Vehemence of Silence 02. Vehemence of Silence (A Brighter Day Dub) 03. Vehemence of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective) 04. Vehemence of Silence (Atjazz Perspective) 05. Dark Edge