Hipp-E & Halo - Fabric 07

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  • Time for the next installment of the Fabric series, this time brought to you from the boys from the West coast of the USA, Hipp-E & Halo. The lads seem to be very busy of late, with their Destination Australia mix also in stores, as well as taking the time to answer some of the questions put to them in the Producer Playpen. This of course bundled with the fact that they are big draw cards in dance parties all over the world, and you can see that Hipp-E & Halo are busy and popular artists. Our attention is turned to Fabric 07, and to put it simply, it is a very strong release. Swag’s Dub of Nile’s “3 In the Morning” is an early highlight, with its soulful drums and delicate sampled vocals. “I’m Satisfied” by Scoper and Bubba adds a funky retro element early in the mix, while Doza’s Dub of Hanna’s “Time” keeps the summer vibe rolling along with minimal vocals and subtle floating strings. Guided Methods “Rugburns” uses a bouncing baseline and minimal piano, a lovely record. The dub of “Midnight” by Solaris Heights has another retro vibe to it with the disco sounds and vocals. The mix concludes with the very excellent baselines of “Fluid System” by Ernest Saint Laurent. Overall a very good mix, especially for the Australian summer, which is upon us. Very much a deep house soundtrack for the summer vibe, and a welcome mix for fans of Hipp-E and Halo.