Various Artists - Angeln EP

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  • Geddes' Murmur imprint is cut from a similar cloth to many of the imprints currently operating in Mannheim. On this EP, the first to be released digitally, artists current and future are showcased. Geddes' contribution to the package, "The Scene," while being OK, doesn't set the world alight. It's a rather bland-sounding tune that will service the warm-up nicely without bothering your memory. It's reminiscent of his other tracks on the label in that it's far too restrained. I'm sure there's a good producer waiting to show himself here, but he seems to be bogged down in subtleties. Dyed Soundorom's remix adds some kick, some balls and completely transforms the track, rendering it nearly unrecognisable from the original. It's formulaic in its own way, but a marked improvement on the original and far better to dance to. Nima Gorji, the man behind Murmur's strongest release so far, comes with the EP's liveliest track in "Gamma," which although being nothing more than a simple looped groove is melodic and seems to have a bit of fire in its belly. Finally Dan Drastic, a new name on Murmur's roll call, arrives with "El Pollo Loco." It bounces along nicely, but is a little too conservative to merit its name.
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      01. Geddes - The Scene 02. Geddes - The Scene (Dyed Soundorom remix) 03. Nima Gorji - Gamma 04. Dan Drastic - El Pollo Loco