Carl Craig - Angel Remixes

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  • It may have taken a few years, but we're finally treated to some praiseworthy remixes of Carl Craig's classic, "Angel." Jerome Sydenham and Detroit native Keith Kemp are responsible for the updates on Planet E's young sub-label Guilty Pleasures, and the two producers each successfully transform one of Craig's finest pieces of work into something entirely fresh. Sydenham's treatments, while relatively similar in arrangement and aesthetic, repurpose Craig's track to fill a big room with a big soundsystem. While his uncharacteristically icy dub-techno remixes are punctuated by resonant heavy bass drums, Sydenham's "Vocal Dub" maintains a hypnotizing groove much like the original, chugging along nicely behind Craig's sultry spoken-word vocals. Removing the vocals and adding a bit more drama and depth, the "Main Dub" employs thumping kicks and buzzing synths against a darker atmosphere. His "Deep Space" remix, almost indistinguishable from the "Main Dub," is a bit sparser in its percussion arrangement. Fans of Ostgut Ton will definitely enjoy these remixes, as they fit squarely within the style that the label has helped define over the last few years. Keith Kemp has a decidedly different interpretation. He gives the track a rich buttery bassline and lush synths, staying true to the more blissful moments of the original. Sydenham's restrained remixes make excellent DJ tools, but Kemp's track stands on its own and makes an impact. It's a fully realized idea—a sophisticated remix that benefits from his meticulous production and musicianship.
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      A Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Vocal Dub) B1 Angel (Keith Kemp's Western Addition Mix) B2 Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Deep Space Dub) Digital: Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Main Dub)