Robert Hood - Obey

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  • Those of us who want to retain our sanity tend to ignore message board posts, but one recent comment on I Love Music, claiming that nowadays, Rob Hood merely phones in his releases, resonated with me. At first I disagreed; while his seminal work dates from the mid to late '90s, the three Hoodmusic installments of recent years show that the Detroit producer still operates on a higher plane than his peers. However, his new remix of Ben Klock was a disappointment and this new EP is unlikely to rank as a career highlight. Maybe it's because it comes so soon after the reissue of his Minimal Nation album and therefore pales in comparison—as nearly all techno records would—but it does still feel like Hood is travelling on autopilot. "Resurrection" revolves around what sounds like a time-stretched, pitch-bent slap bass, with Hood's trademark building, jagged high hats, bursts of distortion and steely rhythms lending it the requisite dance floor clout. "Obey" is less linear and more distinctive, with grubby, squelchy beats providing the basis for niggling percussion and chiming melodic sequences. It doesn't compare with "The Pace" or "Minus," but more importantly, it lacks the dynamic exuberance of more recent outings like "And Then We Planned Our Escape." While other techno producers would have sold their mothers to produce this record, it sounds like, as the poster suggested, his heart isn't in it at the moment. Don't fail us now Rob; more than ever, techno needs your unique touch.
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      A Obey B Resurrection