Tom Trago - Voyage Direct Remixes

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  • In a recent interview with Bodytonic, Tom Trago told the site about his disco and Detroit influences for his recent album: Voyage Direct. In this remix pack, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Yuro and Actress take those influences even further. "Passion" gets smothered by Motor City Drum Ensemble. 909 hats and claps litter the highs, while a steady 119bpm kick roots this track firmly in the deep category. Strings and classic disco vocals bring it all together, making this one a sure-fire hit for the deep house crowd. On the flip side, "Brothers of String" gets a reworking from Yuro and Trago himself, a tandem that has often worked together in the past. The duo slow the pace of the original and add melodies, transforming it into a slow burning house workout. While good, it's the weakest of the three here because Actress delivers techno in a Millsian style. Fast, gritty drums pound along while synth lines are looped into oblivion. Lighter elements such as piano riffs are introduced sparingly; a stark contrast to the harsh soundscape. If Trago's Detroit namedrops are anything to go by, he must've loved to hear what Actress had done for "Lost in the Streets of NYC."
  • Tracklist
      A1 Passion (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) B1 Brothers Of String (Yuro Trago Remix) B2 Lost In The Streets Of NYC (Actress Remix)