Siriusmo - The Uninvited Guest

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  • Moritz Friedrich, AKA Siriusmo, is one of electronic music's more reclusive characters. He is, by all accounts, not a big fan of club culture and refuses to DJ live. A graffiti artist by trade, music plays second fiddle to Friedrich's other pursuits—although he's still a prolific producer with more than a dozen releases since 2000. He says his own production style uses "technical devices and a lot of fantasy to artistically cover up lacking musical abilities." But don't let the self-deprecation fool you: This man has serious talent, combining Oizo's oddball sense of fun and glitchy production with serious German bass. His latest offering is the first release on Modeselektor's new label Monkeytown. The German duo's blend of atmospheric dubstep/electro arguably calls for its own sub genre, and it will be fascinating to see what else they release on the label—there's already the promise of another Siriusmo EP and a full length album to follow. The Uninvited Guest opens with "The Door," a warped, twisted take on the Big Bad Wolf which will lift the roof off any club it is played in. Meanwhile the EP's title track is a piece of broken beat electronica not dissimilar to the work of Jackson & His Computer Band. The third and final track on the A-side is "High Together," which is almost absurdly sweet and upbeat in comparison to its predecessors. The B-side is a far more experimental affair. "Nights Off" uses old school synths to create a sound that is more French Touch than Berlin basement, while "Let Me In" is a warped, dubbed version of "The Door" that is somehow even darker and more disturbed than the original. This leads to the final track "Von Kopf bis Fuss" (translation: "From Head to Toe"), a two-minute sample of a '30s era movie that has been put through the Siriusmo shredder and come out the other side battered, warped and twisted.
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      A1 The Door A2 The Uninvited Guest A3 High Together B1 Nights Off B2 Let Me In B3 Von Kopf Bis Fuss