Juan Atkins & Kimyon feat. Tricia - Work for Money

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  • Belleville brother Juan Atkins' latest record is in collaboration with Brooklyn's Kimyon for the inaugural release on Luis Baro's All About imprint. "Work for Money" isn't doing anything new, combining a relatively minimal house beat, harmonized diva vocals about wasting life working for money instead of making money working for yourself, repetitive growling low-end rumbles, sparse handclaps…but a little past midway, eerie minor keys work in a melody which balances nicely with the bass. And, for this release and its attendant remixes, there is something deceptively simple and effective about those minor keys. Lars Behrenoth does what he can to deepen, sophisticate and prettify the original, supplanting sunny vibes where the minor keys originally grabbed a hold, and Luis Baro adds a touch of funk with fat-bottomed bass grooves that add a touch of fun. Meanwhile, Dimitri Max's remix has an updated Mr. Fingers thing goin' on that's quite catchy. But the real winner here is Alexi Delano's take, which slows it down while using that eerie melody as a building block for a trippy, mid-tempo techno run through near-horror movie score territory, like a retread from Harry Manfredini's disco-bloodbath Friday the 13th Part III title score subtitled in German. Bending notes wobble and stretch as the vocals echo and bubble up only as sporadic ear-dressing. With all the motion, it's almost enough to induce nausea. Quite literally, Delano's remix is sick.
  • Tracklist
      01. Work for Money 02. Work for Money (Lars Behrenoth Remix) 03. Work for Money (Luis Baro Remix) 04. Work for Money (Dimitri Max Remix) 05. Work for Money (Alexi Delano Remix)