Nôze - Meet Me in the Toilets

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  • The words we all want to hear when we're slack-jawed and sweaty, Meet Me in the Toilets, the latest by risqué French duo Nôze, hints at gutter level sleaze but delivers mere kitsch. Following the equally kitsch disco oompah of "Have to Dance," whose Balkan-esque beats nonetheless proved quirky and funky, and inspired like-minded mixes from Mathias Kaden and Lee Jones, here the results are confused, lazy and the funk in short supply. Led by a deceptively mean bassline, the eponymous A-side soon caves to the promise of silliness, as cowbells, rock cymbals, garbage-can drums and a brash '70s brass riff straight from the presets jostle for joy. More Love Boat serenade than cop show grit, it really starts to froth with the wailing diva, scaling the rafters like a backing vocalist from Earth, Wind & Fire finally given the limelight. It raises an initial smirk, but compared to Jürgen Paape's forthcoming brass schaffler "Ofterschwang," or any of Matthew Herbert's genuine big-band house, it's a disgrace. "Encore" is subtler, a saucy chanteuse intoning culinaria over bitsy rhythms and a Wurlitzer squeak, but Italoboyz do this far better, and the scatting of Messrs. Nôze is very difficult to enjoy. Not their finest moments.
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      A Meet Me in the Toilet B Encore