Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Atracktion EP

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  • Being born in the epicentre of summer partying doesn't guarantee that you'll be a dab hand at knocking out slick, atmospheric deep beats, but as this latest offering from two Ibiza residents suggests, it certainly won't do you much harm. In fact, it might just help you to produce one of the standout EPs of the summer. Atracktion EP is, as the name suggests, an extremely attractive trio of tracks to bury your ears in. "Do It" leads the way with a simple kick and a suggestive, half-whispered vocal that continues to convince for the duration. Its helped along its persuasive (if hardly merry) way by subdued pads and lush layered samples that give the track an extraordinary level of depth, equitable to many Peace Division and Motor City Drum Ensemble efforts. "Rucula" steps up the bass with considerable urgency; all rolling bassline and stabby vocals, beautifully underscored by a warped piano riff which becomes more of a focus as the track progresses. It's similar in structure to Graff's 2008 "Bang" on Drumpoet Community but arguably a step up in creativity. "Snerata" is an altogether different proposition, but of near equal calibre. While the previous two were heavy, dark and muffled, "Snerata" is crisp, clear and provocative; like coming back to reality after a particularly overwhelming dream. The hi-hats whip and snarl their way around the track while an insistent panning female vocal stab adds its own drop of sensuality.
  • Tracklist
      A Snerata B1 Rucula B2 Do It