Roman Flügel - Stricher EP

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  • Roman Flügel's work avoids easy categorization. From the spooky acid-glitch of Soylent Green and kooky electro-bombast of Alter Ego to his own flighty DJ sets, his tastes straddle the house-techno-electro divide. If there's a common thread, it's a darkly mischievous streak, an inability to play by the rules, and his new EP for Tiga's Turbo Recordings label satisfies both those criteria. What's most immediate is how lightweight these tracks are, built from dinky tin-can rhythms and filigree stylophone blips, so untethered as to blow away. This is exactly what Flügel does, most dramatically on the title track: gently flickering arpeggios and gusts of white noise loop and unravel, erupting into vast explosions of colour, all over lazy and static Italo beats. "Discofiasco" seems initially the straightest thing here, until the Costello Colour Series melodies mate and multiply, before being covered in soupy strings. "Prinzessin X" takes the same route as "Stricher" but stutters on the delivery, tones and fuzz strobing chaotically, jostling like pick-up-sticks. The absence of low-end might keep this from house sets but that would be a shame, as these whirlwinds could dazzle less disciplined floors.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Stricher B1 Discofiasco B2 Prinzessin X