Giorgio Gigli - Observation Document #01

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  • Long, limber lines that float into forever. Tripping techno tunes that transcend time. Smooth, supple synths holding you in their hypnotic spell. It's head-fuck techno. And it's what Prologue has been offering up over the course of 2009, quickly establishing itself as one of the go-to labels for the sound. Label head Tom Bonaty has a serious jones for the stuff, picking up where a number of imprints have left off, namely Elettronica Romana which was among the first labels to release records from the likes of Giorgio Gigli and Donato Dozzy. Gigli's second EP for Prologue is even better than his excellent debut, with "Extrospection" coming in above the others here by virtue of its 12-minute length. The light, trancey techno that Gigli and others has been putting out shines when given time to stretch out properly. Call me crazy, but when I listen to "Extrospection," my mental image is of a rug being unrolled into eternity. It's as though it—and "Introspection" and "Self-Reflection"—are unspooling their sound into the stereo and you simply have to follow along. If that isn't the greatest description of what it sounds like, that's kind of the point. Gigli's music is all about the feel, like techno skipping across the top of a lake. (The watery sounds on "Introspection" may have something to do with that.) Observation Document #1 is an environment, and it's worth getting lost in it for a long while.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Extrospection B1 Introspection B2 Self-Reflection