Precious System - Voice from Planet Love

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  • "This is the voice from Planet Love. Have no fear. We are you friends." I'm inclined to believe Lasse Lundmark, to be honest. As far as mid-tempo cowbell-disco tracks with outer space preachers go, "The Voice from Planet Love" is among the most ebullient I've heard. What would otherwise be a nicely funked up ten minute tune with a quick break in the middle for a rain-swept guitar solo and male-female duet is taken into the stratosphere by Lundmark's Precious System alias keeping us calm. You see, there's nothing to fear: They're sending us an agent by the name of OK? OK. On the flip, Marcus Worgull and Dixon tag-team for an Innervisions-styled remix/edit combo. Worgull remixes, Dixon edits and both sound like prime dance floor material—predictably a little cleaner and a little housier than the original. The only problem? To my ears the bassline that Worgull uses as a melody sounds a little bit like every single bassline Henrik Schwarz has penned in the past five years. It's a good one, elastic and punchy, that pushes the song effortlessly forward. But it also sounds mighty familiar. I'm not saying that it's time to get some new kit. But, you know, it's a thought.
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      A The Voice From Planet Love (Original Mix) B1 The Voice From Planet Love (Chic-A-Go Edit) B2 The Voice From Planet Love (Chic-A-Go Remix)