Tiefschwarz feat. Seth Troxler - Trust

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  • Would it be a crude declaration to suggest Tiefschwarz have been living off former glories? Back in 2004 brothers Ali and Basti were almost as intrinsically linked to the burgeoning electronic house sound, as Nick Curly is to the percussive house sound in 2009. Should we then skirt around a return of two original productions in two years for the sake of their past prolificacy? Seth Troxler's output on the other hand has been free flowing yet never effusive for 18 months now; this forward momentum coupled with his young and exuberant approach to the production process make his inclusion on the Schwarz' brothers "comeback" single a shrewd move. In all honesty Troxler's contribution amounts to little more than a rambling half-sung ditty about er, trust, but it injects a sort of endearing brashness into the track; like a big slobbering dog you just can't help but look upon fondly. It would be rather half-assed to describe the production as "solid," but it feels like the easiest way to convey the vibe. An incessant, juiced up riff applies meat to the percussive bones, which in turn clings to a considerably weighty kick/bass combo. Conversely, B-side "Roads" leads the release down a blind alley. As with the A side, the track is markedly quicker than the Tiefschwarz beats of yore, but this time the blackened Rhodes line that leads the charge feels sterile and a touch rushed. Trust is far from a trailblazing return to the fore, but will at least put the Tiefschwarz name back on dance floors.
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      A Trust B Roads