Orphx - Division EP

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  • With just a handful of releases over the past decade, it would be impossible to describe Richard Oddie and Christina Sealey's Orphx project as prolific, but what their catalogue lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Division is yet another of these releases, and it's also a timely one, unwittingly pinpointing a shift in techno towards austere, industrial sounds after long periods exposed to party techno and sunshine mnml. Indeed, "Cracktest" (edit) could have as easily found a home on Blueprint, its droning panning rhythm sounding similar to the O/V/R project, even if it does include ponderous Basic Channel chords as it progresses. Substance follows a similar path on his reshape of "Threshold," but the underlying feeling on the rolling groove is more sedate, less menacing or unpredictable. However, the EP's tone changes quickly again as "First Light" lumbers into earshot; based on a grainy off-beat rhythm and an aggro EBM bass, its noisy, layered approach sounds like Ministry jamming with Surgeon-although the deep chord sequence at the end provides some light relief. It's no surprise that Sonic Groove have recruited the Birmingham producer to remix "Burning Flags." Grating industrial breaks, breezeblock beats and gut-wrenching bass licks compete to be heard, but the remix implodes into noisy feedback, with distorted voices screeching at each other in the outro. Only suited for the headstrong, Division is the sound of techno being pushed to its outer limits.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cracktest (Edit) A2 Threshold (Substance Mix) B1 First Light B2 Burning Flags (Surgeon Mix)