Brennan Green - My First House

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  • I was told the other night that Brennan Green has dual citizenship and I'd like to think that it applies to his musical productions as well. His profile was raised by mingling with the disco-loving likes of Danny Wang (even releasing tracks on Wang's Balihu imprint), Studio (splitting a side on Green's own Chinatown label), Mudd (remixes for Claremont) and Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, but Green freely traverses into deep house as well. As the disco field grows over-populated, it makes sense for Green to swing back the other way. So it's especially fitting that he drops "My First House" on the recently re-launched Wurst label. No longer releasing obscure disco edit fare by the likes of Eamon Harkin and labelhead My Cousin Roy, Wurst now focuses on new original productions, the irony being that Green started working on this track back in '97, making "My First House" precisely that. Built around a conga pattern and misty, ever-widening synth swirl, this a-historical and dark track drives relentlessly to a feverish pitch. Out of such turbidity, a dubbed-out dialogue emerges between the four-four's cracks. Whereas most snippets of the human voice on such house fare implore body-moving and/or letting yourself go, this one is oddly inane. Who knows what it'll do to the floor of said house?
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      A My First House B Untitled