Sebo K & Metro - Saxtrack

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  • Don't be frightened by the title of Sebo K and Metro's "Saxtrack." Given a blind test, I would've just as easily called the thing "Organtrack." Either way, the tune is yet another percussive house groover that fits neatly into the Mannheim style—despite both producers behind its creation being longtime Berlin residents. The duo pay tribute to the prevailing sound with a slow builder that lays out a quick organ riff, then overlays a sax counterpoint that every so often extends further out in a moment of ecstatic release. What makes it works is what makes all of his percussive house work: The tension in the track becomes almost unbearable after four minutes of a house beat, so when the saxophone circles ever upward, your fist inevitably raises up in time for the drop. Whether you want it to or not. The duo's Feel Dub pours a smoother organ over things and adds a sample of an unidentified female talking about how "sometimes you want to say something that you feel," while on the flipside Offenbach resident Reboot turns up for a harder-edged remix that locks deeply into the groove. His take is aptly titled the Twisted Fist Remix. It's a tightening of the looser-limbed original that loops things to such an extent that it ends up sounding a little bit like The Field. It's hard to say exactly why Reboot sounds fresher than most of his fellow Frankfurt to Mannheim cohorts—his range has something to do with it—but this remix is yet another reason to keep listening.
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      A Saxtrack (Original) AA Saxtrack (Feel Dub) B Saxtrack (Reboots Twisted Fist Rmx)