Edward - Views From Abroad

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  • It's no coincidence that Âme put Edward's "Raw Structure" on after STL in their Fabric 42 mix last year. The young producer's tracks mirror STL's in their beguiling simplicity. Edward favors a more digital sound—or a less immediately obvious analogue one—in his tunes. "In the Mood," the first track on his newest EP for the WHITE imprint, has a rattling cowbell, Sarah Clark's moaning vocals, a tender flute, a bass pulse and an organ lick that takes its sweet time in entering the stereo field. But that's only part of the point: What makes the track work is the overwhelming sense of space. It's like falling into a hole that you may never climb out of. "At the End of a Tunnel" isn't quite as effecting. For a while at least. It builds in the same way, attaching epic import to slow shaky synths until a niggling little organ bit comes in and steals the show. (Stealing the show here being a relative term for tracks that rarely do much to announce themselves.) "Lisboa 07," in fact, is the only thing here that doesn't creep up on you. Its glitchy beat prevents that from happening, even if the wet, submerged synths do their best to push everything deeper. Even so, it's disjointed in a way that nothing else here is and stands out as the weakest track on an otherwise sterling EP.
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      A1 In the Mood feat. Sara Clark B1 At the End of a Tunnel B2 Lissboa 07 feat. Arno Schäfer