Untold - Just for You

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  • In what seems like the shortest time comprehensible since his last vinyl release, the world is again being blessed with a new work from North London's Untold; appearing here on his second full outing on Scuba's Hotflush sub-label Hotflush Two. And in his truly unpredictable manner—after shocking the scene with his off kilter, retarded synth wanderings on "Anaconda"—he's serving up what feels like three tunes melded into one classic Untold production. "Just For You" starts with acres of ambient swells, swirling around a delayed crunch, changing up its pitch every four bars until the obligatory opening 32 bars are done; whereby he duly begins the wamp onslaught, unleashing his bumping bassline and persistent conga rhythm with explosive force. Adding touches of bubbling synth melody and delayed vocal snippets, he carves out a truly pensive aggressor that drives its drums hard and punishes, threatening to up the pace and rip apart any dance it's wheeled out in. On the flip, one of the UK funky scene's most active producers, Roska, takes the production down a notch or two, setting the tempo to around 130 BPM. Rolling out his percussion from the start, he makes it obvious from the off that the task in hand is to style out his own rhythm using Untold's percussion sounds. In the process, he manages to re-carve one of Dunning's throwaway vocal stabs as the track's main hook. Adding name drops and whining synthesizers that traverse a two-note riff, Roska strips back and builds his percussion with such a knowing panache that it become a schooling in how one should pepper their layers with congas rolls.
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      A Just for You B Just for You (Roska Remix)