Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Remixes)

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  • If I was placed in the middle of a dark club at 4 AM, trying to avoid the bumps and pushes of a packed dance floor, desperately trying to enter my own little world, then the Reshuffle mix of Guy Gerber's "Stoppage Time" would be my ideal soundtrack. It's the most powerful production I have heard this year. It has little resemblance to the original mix—originally released by Bedrock in 2004—but it's a perfect example of how sometimes all that's needed to create a great piece of music is a creative loop and clever sound design. And some of the sounds in this production, namely the explosion of digital bubbles towards the end of the track are enough to put you in your own little world. It's certainly not suited to the bedroom—the track needs a Colosseum-style setting to make sense—but that's exactly why John Digweed signed it to Bedrock. I can't help but feel sorry for the Danton Eeprom remix. It's like the unloved brother, the one that gets picked on at school and spends a lot of his time on his face liking dirt. Much like that kid, you know that this side of the record will be facing the same way a lot of the time. It's not a bad remix. Far from it. And I'm sure some will probably enjoy the extra element of groove that this remix delivers. For many, though, it will simply be the bonus Christmas present hidden behind the very big gift wrapped box delivered by Reshuffle.
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      A Stoppage Time (Reshuffle Remix) B Stoppage Time (Danton Eeprom Conversion Version)