Anthea & Celler - Retroceso EP

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  • After building a stellar reputation as probably the hottest female tech-house DJ in London, it only seemed natural that Anthea should move on to crafting groove and melodies to rival the many artists that she’s supported over the years, albeit with a bit of assistance and knob-twiddling from fellow Londoner Celler. With a solid bump and groove adorning every track on the EP, and an injection of the twisted ethnic-house vibe that saturated her recent Ibiza Voice podcast, Anthea and Cellar have crafted an impressive collection of future-house gems that should act as a lesson to some of the more seasoned house producers in how to sculpt a truly original release. Opener "Caedmon Loop" is built upon a tropical melody of minute twinkling strings that are only unleashed after an extended percussion intro sets the foundations for the deep-as-you-like-it bass to hammer home the rhythms. Cut from a similar cloth is the island party hit "Congata," sure to get daytime boat parties bouncing from Ibiza to the South Pacific and well beyond this season. Building on these ideas rather than imitating them is the equally deep "I Change," all chattering high-hats and a delayed soulful holler that nods back to the early days of Chicago house, that beautifully caps the vinyl release. Those still fixated with their 12-inches however, risk missing out on the delights of digital closer "House Nation." As filtered lasers collide with dubby Miami-esque beats and choppy pan-lid hits, the familiar distant vocals return adding a sensual tinge to proceedings, giving those wielding CDs and laptops an extra weapon from this armory of superb tracks.
  • Tracklist
      A Caedmon Loop B Congata BB I Change Digital: House Nation